Arts and Imagination is a fresh and inspiring approach to early childhood education. We view children as capable, strong, resilient and overflowing with knowledge, curiosity and potential. We value their original and creative thinking and foster it through our unique program.

 At Arts and Imagination we blend the best of many educational philosophies. We believe a perfect union of art, academics, and peace education has been thoughtfully developed from these disciplines.

The school is characterized by a belief in child-lead learning. Your child determines what to learn by selecting and initiating their own activities from a variety of art and play-based learning centers. Teachers carefully prepare these centers with activities that spark the natural curiosity of children and deepen the understanding of whatever task they are immersed in. This method of education is based on hands-on learning, collaborative play, and cooperation. The children work independently or in-group to explore knowledge and develop their fullest potential.

Much thought has been put into each and every detail of the classrooms to support and captivate each child’s unique gifts. We carefully selected our staff to ensure a safe and nurturing environment. We believe in kindness, respect, and having fun. We look forward to meeting your family and thank you for considering our little school as your child’s first educational experience.