Our Program

At Arts and Imagination your child has a multitude of ways to discover and learn about themselves and the world around them. All forms of art and play are encouraged as part of your child’s academic development.

 We have highlighted the basic principles we believe are the essential foundation that will support your child’s experience at Arts and Imagination Preschool.


Fine Arts

Fine art is the core of our program. Studies have shown children learn best through art and play. Academics will be approached in a playful way by being introduced in creative ways throughout the day. In addition, each year the children will participate in a Play that builds their creativity, imagination, and self-esteem. Together, we will develop the sets, costumes, and songs.  Art and theater enhance children’s senses in open-ended play and develops cognitive, social, emotional, sensory, and motor skills. This engages children in mastering all aspects of life while having fun.


Project Inspired

Kids love to play elaborate games creating a full spectrum of possibilities. Here at the school we build on that by supporting long-term goals within their play and projects. An interest in a certain subject may last a few weeks or can continue throughout the school year. All work is documented and the outcome is displayed with pictures in our classrooms for all to see and share. 


Good nutrition and physical activities during preschool years are vital for a child’s present and future being. Our preschool has it's own kitchen where a qualified Integrative Nutritionist prepares organic snacks. At Arts and Imagination we lay a foundation for lifelong good health by creating a positive environment to ensure that young children are offered, and learn to enjoy, healthy food. We encourage healthy habits in our curriculum by tending to our garden, baking fresh bread, and using local and organic produce when possible.

 Movement and Music

Yoga and dance in the classroom is a nurturing way to encourage children to relax and have fun while they develop strength, coordination, flexibility, body awareness, better focus, concentration, and balance. Music goes hand-in-hand with movement and can create an imaginary world that stimulate a child’s creativity.

 Education of the Heart

Tolerance and a belief in peace are essential to the prosperity of all communities. Your children will be engaging in a multicultural learning experience through the arts, music,and dance that will be introduced to them. This will enable children to interact, question, reflect upon, and appreciate the world around them with a greater understanding of what we have in common and our unique differences.