Lead Teacher Pre-K

Hiya! I am Jess and I am very excited to join the Arts and Imagination team!

I believe childhood is magical and one of my favorite things about teaching is experiencing the world anew through the children’s eyes. Watching them discover new things, discern how relationships work, learn to write their own name, and understand how one and one does not, in fact, equal eleven are just a few of my favorite things. I love every day in Prekindergarten education and I really enjoy the challenges and wonder that each day brings. I believe that social and emotional learning is as much a part of early education as phonics and numbers. I work hard to empower children to question their world and learn how to find the answers. I teach children that to try their best is their greatest gift and I work hard to give them the tools to become their best selves. I work to teach children respect and to take responsibility for their choices and learn from their experiences. I believe early education should be used as a foundation for all education and that we are here to teach kids to enjoy learning and become lifelong learners.

In addition to teaching, I have a strong passion for reading. I spend a lot of my spare time reading books from all sorts of genres. I enjoy bringing books into class and exploring quality books with the kids. Books are an amazing tool for teaching multiple aspects of curriculum!

I have a degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Colorado State University and recently finished my Master’s in Teaching from the University of Northern Colorado. I found my way to prekindergarten education through a happy accident, now it has become my passion. I believe there is no greater success than discovering your passion and turning it into a career. I am so proud of the work I do and I look forward to sharing this beautiful time in your child’s life with you!

“The More That You Read, the More Things You Will Know.

The More Things You Learn, the More Places You’ll Go!”

                                                      Its better to know how to learn than to know.                                                                           -Dr. Seuss