Fine Arts and Balanced Academics

Fine art is the core of our program. The children will be participating in a wide range of fine art activities including drawing, painting, weaving, music, sculpting, theatrical play, and dance. The arts are introduced into every aspect of learning and go hand in hand with balanced academics. The subject of math, science, geography, and reading readiness are taught magically and imaginatively by weaving them into the everyday life of your child.

 The classrooms are carefully designed to spark an interest in life and learning. We have set up five components in each classroom; art, construction, dramatic play, science, math, and a reading nook. Within these sections your child is exposed to all necessary skills to be kindergarten ready when they move on to elementary school.

 Arts and Imagination is the only preschool in Fort Collins with a dedicated art studio for painting, weaving, and clay work. Time is set aside throughout the school year for visiting teachers and parents to share their expertise in all fine arts activities. These classes will be taught in small groups to ensure your child has a true art studio experience.

 In addition we have an interactive playground that has been designed to be an outdoor classroom. We have a running track, four-inch balance beams, a permanent music and art installation, and a teepee for storytelling and imaginative play. A carefully designed sandbox will be used for many of our classes. Dinosaur digs, volcano making, architecture, and engineering will be introduced there through play and creativity.

 The playground also houses our fresh fruit, vegetable, and flower garden, that will provide a backdrop for such lessons as bee science, leaf anatomy, composting, nutrition, and much more. Your child will delight in the opportunities that will unfold within this unique outdoor classroom.


PARENT Participation

Your child's education should be one that is shared with the parents, because after all it is part of your experience as well. We invite parents to be involved and share in their child's school experience. Parents are encouraged to present their own ideas for participation in the classroom. Our hope is that the parents or family members will bring and share their talents with the student. This will help develop the understanding of what we are doing here at Arts and Imagination along with the ability to have the experience with your child. This will also give us a chance to get to know you and your family's values and customs.